Elementary School Programs

Junior Achievement’s Elementary School Programs are a series of six themes that help kindergarten through fifth-grade students learn about the United States economic system. Concepts and skills taught at each grade level build on those taught in preceding grades.

  • Ourselves® introduces the economic roles of individuals
  • Our Families® discusses the role of families in the local economy
  • Our Community® examines responsibilities and economic opportunities available within a community
  • Our City® considers economic development, local businesses, and career opportunities
  • Our Region® features the economic/business resources found in state and regional economies
  • Our Nation® studies U.S. business operations and economic issues

Middle School Programs

Junior Achievement’s Middle School Programs are offered to students in grades six through eight. Students examine how businesses operate in the United States economic system and explore career interests and opportunities.

  • Economics for Success® explores personal finance and students’ education and career options based on their skills, interests and values; also demonstrates the economic benefits of staying in school.
  • Global Marketplace® provides practical information about the global economy and its effect on students’ lives.

High School Programs

Junior Achievement’s High School Programs help students in grades nine through 12 gain insights into the complexities and rewards of the free enterprise system we enjoy here in the United States.

  • JA Company Program™ is an in-school curriculum that focuses on analyzing and exploring opportunities and responsibilities within a company.
  • JA Career Success™ is focused on preparing youth to enter the workforce by developing their interpersonal effectiveness, self-presentation, and business acumen.
  • JA Personal Finance™ introduces students to the importance of financial planning and saving money for their futures.
  • JA Titan™ is an interactive web-based learning experience for youth to learn how decisions on R&D, manufacturing and production, price, marketing, and capital investment affect the success of a business.



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